Thursday, 30 December 2010

Ohio: Hunger strike of the Lucasville uprising prisoners - starting Monday, Jan. 3

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Dear family members, friends and supporters of the Lucasville uprising prisoners,
Siddique Abdullah Hasan, Bomani Shakur (Keith LaMar), Jason Robb and Namir Mateen (James Were) will start a hunger strike on Monday Jan. 3 to protest their 23-hour a day lock down for nearly 18 years. These four death-sentenced prisoners have been single-celled (in solitary) in conditions of confinement significantly more severe than the conditions experienced by the approximately 125 other death-sentenced prisoners at the supermax prison, Ohio State Penitentiary in Youngstown. They are completely isolated from any direct human contact, even during "recreation". They are restricted from certain kinds of good ordering including gold weather items for the almost unbearably cold condtions in the cells. They are denied access to computer databases they need in order to prepare their appeals. It has been made clear to them that the outcome of their annual "security level reviews" is pretermined, as one reads, "...regardless of your behavior while confined at OSP." Prisoners w
hose death sentences were for heinous crimes are able to win privileges based on good behavior, but not the death-sentenced Lucasville uprising prisoners.
Meanwhile out in the world, the U.S. Supreme Court has granted additional due process rights to some of the Gauantanamo prisoners, some death-sentenced prisoners have been exonerated or had their sentences commuted, an evidentiary hearing was ordered for Troy Anthony Davis, and prisoners in Georgia are engaging in a non-violent strike for improvements in a wide range of conditions. So the four death-sentenced Lucasville uprising prinsoners have decided that being punished by the worst conditions allowable under the law has gone far enough, especially since their convictions were based on perjured testimony. They are innocent! They were wrongfully convicted! They are political prisoners. This farce has gone on far too long and their executions loom in the not too distant future. These brave men are ready to take another stand. We ask that you get ready to support them.
The hunger strike will proceed in an organized manner, with one prisoner, probably Bomani Shakur starting on Jan.3. The hunger strike becomes official after he has refused 9 meals. Therefore the plan is that 3 days later, Siddiquie Abdullah Hasan will start his hunger strike and 3 days later, Jason Robb will follow. Namir Mateen has a great willingness to participate and plans to take part to the extent that his diabetes will allow.
On the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Saturday, Jan. 15, we will be holding a press conference about the hunger strike and other issues pertaining to Ohio State Penitentiary. Details of time and location are being worked out. There will very likely be a brief rally near the gates of OSP, as we have in previous years to honor Dr. King, to protest the death penalty and to protest the farce of the Lucasville uprising convictions. There will probably be one or more vans and/or a car caravan to OSP for the event. Stay tuned for more information.
Please forward this to other people you think would be interested, here in Ohio, around the country and around the world.

Monday, 27 December 2010


Please consider sending a birthday card to those in Polunsky Unit Death row, the whole list of all Polunsky unit deathrow prisoners can be found on the EATDP website  please go to the WEBSITE  The List for January Birthdays are as follows

01st    - Travis Green 999373
03rd    - John Gardner 999516
5th      -  Marvin Wilson 999098
6th      -  Rulford Aldridge 000973
08th    -  Lee Taylor 999344
08th    -  Louis Perez 999328
9th      -  Carl Blue 999151
12th    -  Willie Washington  000856
13th    -  Larry Estrada 999259
16th    -  Humberto Leal 999162
              (execution date July 7th)

19th    -  Rooseveit Smith 999530
22nd   -  Anthony Haynes 999330
23rd    -  Tracy Beatty 999484
23rd    -  Abel Ochoa 999450
25th    -  Michael Yowell 999334
26th    -  Juan Segundo  999520
26th    -  Moises Mendoza 999498
26th    -  John Adams  999278
28th   -   Carlos Trevino 999235
30th    -  John Balentine 999315
30th    -  William Mason 999040

Sunday, 12 December 2010

P.U.R.E. REPORT (panthers united for Revolutionary education)

The P.U.R.E.Report Newsletter was founded by Eric Cathey, A Texas Deathrow prisoner. The Aim is to bring you information on the conditions of imprisonment, Legal education of the Death Penalty, Social Issues within the world and a complete insight within the minds of those held captive on Texas Infamous Deathrow

The first issue of this newsletter was september 2010 and can be downloaded from the pure report website, or to the right of this blog.  Issue 2 will be ready for downloading on friday 17th december either from here or the pure report website