Tuesday, 31 August 2010


I want to tell you all about what is happening to me at the moment. I got a letter from my lawyer on 12th July 2010. let me explain to everyone on how I got my lawyer and who he is. His name is Jerome Godinich Jr, Now let me explain on how I got one of the worst appeal lawyers on my case.  When I got here in 2004, I had another lawyer (which I thought was good) who was appointed to me as my appeal attorney. He came up here to visit me letting me know that he was my appeal attorney and also to let me know that he will have his partner on my case as well. This was the the only visit that I got from him, but I did get a few letters from him. He also sent me a copy of the brief that he did for me, and it was good, brought up a lot of good issues. So we were just sitting back playing the waiting game. Around the end of 2008, I got a letter from lawyer, stating that he has filed to the courts, so he can get off my case, so he and his partner can be the head district attorney (D.A) and that the judge granted him that. So he told me because he is now a D.A he wont have nothing to do with my case, but that the court will appoint me a new appeal lawyer, and that I should be hearing from him or her soon. So I wait for about 6 months, nothing, so what I did was write to Texas defender service (TDS) asking them if they can help me out on finding out who my lawyer is or if I even had a lawyer. I also broke it down to them of what I was going through. T.D.S wrote to me on June 15th 2009 telling me that Jerome Godinich was appointed to my case on January 28th 2009. I was like what the hell. He has been appointed to be my lawyer for 6 months if not longer and I still haven't heard from him at all, do you think that's right? Hell naw it aint.

I let someone here look at the letter that I got from TDS and it so happens that the person who seen the letter has the same lawyer (Jerome Godinich Jr)and has been trying to get him off his case. He told me “Man get this fool off your case”, he also said this is the same lawyer that the newspapers has been talking about, that he has been filing people briefs late. I have read a few things that the papers has been saying. By him not letting me know he was my lawyer for already 6 months was telling me a lot LACTION. (speak louder than words) So I wrote to him asking him why is it that I had to go through the TDS to find out that he was my lawyer. I also told him that I didn't approve of that, I also told him that I asked about him and everything that I heard about him and everything I heard about him was trash and by him not writing to me shows me that it must be true, but I also told him that I wasn't going to go by that, so if he could write to me and guess what happened? NOT A DAMN THING. I didn't hear from him! I wrote to him 3 more times, nothing, I even told him that I was sending copies of letters to the courts, which I did, STILL NOTHING, so I wrote to TDS again asking them what should I do, I didn't hear anything back from TDS, So I didnt know what to do. I even had a friend of mine try to call him, she was unable to get a hold of him. Well after a while I got a visit from him and his partner Amy D.Martin. He was telling me who he was. I asked him a few questions. But the main reason he was there was because the Judge wanted to know the next day, what I wanted to do. She wanted to know if I wanted to stay in Harris County. I also told him that I would like for him to keep me updated on things with my case. I said look I wont write to you all the time, But when I do, for him to write to me back. I don't expect for him to come here to see me, but if I have a question for him to answer it, and if he does not know it, for him to find out for me, he is my lawyer. He told me that he can respect that. Well guess what? I wrote to him after that and you guessed it, never heard back from him. Then Amy Martin came up here to see me, just to see how I was doing. I asked her why hasn't Jerome written back to me, she said that he has been busy, so she gave me her card and told me to write to her, well I did that, and also nothing, So I had a friend (the same one) call her. Nothing. So she is doing the same thing that Jerome is doing, not answering.

So I just sat back to think about what I'm going to do. It's not too easy to get rid of a lawyer. Well guess what I get this letter on 12th July 2010 now remember all this shit I have told you, in this letter, he don't talk about nothing, all he does is offer to order me a book or a magazine, what the hell, all this time I have been waiting to hear from him and when he finally writes he offers to order me a book or magazine, NOTHING, about my case or why he hasn't written, but do you want to know the funny part (not really funny) is he knows that I have the Atkins issue, now how would it look like for my lawyer ordering me a book knowing that I have this issue, I know it don't make sense at all.   I wanted to share this with you all, just so you can see what kind of lawyers that I'm dealing with, not just me but a lot of us. I sent out that letter so my friend can make copies so I will be putting a copy up on the blog as well.

One of the letters that Tomas sent to his lawyer.   .



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