Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Struggle comes in all shapes and sizes, It can be self-imposed or the embracement of other peoples struggles, but no matter which its struggle. Since I've been on Texas DeathRow I've not only embraced, but stood up and fought against this killing machine and the inhumane conditions.With the fighting came repercussions and repressionary tactics that's used to break the spirit of the fighter.  Due to my focus on this struggle, in my 4 and a half years on death row, I've never taken time to focus getting myself the necessary sustenance to survive like any normal human being while I'm here. I've had a couple of donations request put on the site, but none that specified what type of aid that's needed, and why it's needed.

Death Row inmates are not allowed to work. Even if we were Texas Department of corrections (TDC) does not pay its prisoners for their labour or "modern day slavery" TDC issues 1 roll of toilet paper, and 4-5 bars of soap, that's roughly 1 inch by 2 inch sometimes on a weekly basis, mostly only when available. These bars and roll are supposed to last at least 7 days or more, although its only no more than 5 bars and we're allowed to shower 7 times a week. These are the only items of hygiene that TDC issues to its prisoners, everything else from toothpaste to stamps (even soap) is sold in the prison store/commissary. No money, no hygiene.  As far as clothes. TDC issues 1 pair of socks, and I pair of shorts, with 2 strings on each side and a small strip of Velcro on the front, for what they call boxers. The socks usually smell like feet from the previous wearer or have holes at the heel and or toe. The boxers can only be described as RAGS They're dirty brown, old, and almost never have the strings to tie them on. Socks, T.Shirts, boxers, shorts, and thermal shorts and pants are all sold in the prison commissary. TDC does not wash prisoners personal clothing, only the ones that's issued. So we have to wash our own clothing, using the soap that's issued (the 5 bars) or soap purchased off the prison commissary.

TDC raises their own food, from vegetables to beef, pork, and chicken. Every unit is fed differently because inmates are also the cooks. Polunsky unit is served a lot of pork, pork chops, pork sausage etc etc. Pork is served on average of 12 meals, out of 21, we're served out the week 7 of those are breakfast, mainly pancakes. I don't eat pork!! Im fed a pork free diet where beans are substituted for the pork. This is a tray full of various beans, pinto, butter, black-eyed peas, or lima beans, On numerous occasions ive found rocks, yes rocks, in the beans. When I receive this tray it sometimes , reminds me of the movie "LIFE" with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, when they were eating that tray full of beans and piece of cornbread.Then "Goldmouth" asked Martin, "You goin eat yo cornbread? Classic scene!!

The only choice of sustance I have is to eat the gravel filled beans or purchase food from the prison commissary. So what it boils down to is to live unhealthy and unhygienic or paying for the opportunity to live some what decent while I fight for my life.  The need for stamps and the cost goes without saying. Correspondence is the number One stress and depression releaver I have. To write family and friends, while knowing they're there to keep me sane, does wonders to keep my spirits up and the fight for my life Alive.

I ask anyone Reading this, that's able, to help with any type of aid possible, I know the numerous games played by prisoners, but I pride myself on my integrity and loyalty when keeping it real with my friends and supporters.

3872 FM 350 SOUTH
TEXAS 77351


If anyone would like to make donations please go to JPAY  you will need to register, also you will need the inmates name, tdc number and prison, which is Christopher Young,  999508, polunsky unit Texas

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